Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1/2 Runz on 2008's Carnival Of Equivalences And Inconsistencies

Dave Phillips (1/2 of R&G)  appears on 2008's E&I.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


New intensities for the 1990's, these explosive recordings are part of an ongoing series. Runzstockblastoff! is a seriously wild recording of computer sampled and manipulated Runzlestirn & Gurglestock sound sources. I recorded this in March 1993 for my noise-loving friend John Passmore. This is crunchy, messy, deconstructed, disheveled and out of control wildness. Piece titles include: "scarcrash, loopincident, sreakish, geegrate, imperial sewage retrieval system", etc.


Runz & Gurg used this tape and sounds from factor X plus amk in a crumbled and dismembered 60 minute loop and sound scrap workout. This work Runzstopblackout! is not for the mild mannered.


Runzatacbreakout! is more intense, recordings this time also featuring the artist Tac mixed by Runz & Gurg.